Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Bit of Sewing...

I manage to snatch precious few moments to sew. I guess full time study, looking after Ember, tending a vegetable garden and, I mean chickens, takes up almost all my time. Not to mention me starting a weekend job soon too [crazy, yes I know I am!]

But even being so busy I have managed to make a few things in the last few weeks.

I picked up this gorgeous baby towelling at Spotlight last year, which was decorated with bright coloured fish. Perfect for making a little hooded towel for Ember. I made the pattern up as I went and luckily it worked! I bound the edges with the same binding I used for my quilt-Ember is totally fascinated by this binding!

The other night after her bath, I put it on her and Paul had found a light up baggage tag which looked a bit like a light sabre. So now she has the nick name of Darth Fish!

I made fabric Poppies for ANZAC day out of fabric scraps and buttons from an old skirt. I put Ember's on a ribbon to wear as a headband.

And for once I am rather organised for Mother's Day...well at least for my mum!

I had some very special Schnauzer fabric I wanted to use to make something for her. I just couldn't work out what I wanted to make with it! Being a sewer herself, it makes things rather difficult when looking for something I can make her that she a] doesn't already have, or b] can make better than me! Finally I decided on making a sewing machine cover for her.

I was pretty sure she didn't have a fabric cover yet, so I sneakily rang dad and asked him to check and also give me the measurements of her machine.

It was yet another "make it up as I go along" patterns, and to be really honest I am surprised at how well it did turn out! It has pockets either end to store bits and pieces in and a handle on top for easy removal. I machine bound the hem and did 'piping' along all the other edges [the piping is just folded material sewn into the hems]

Mum's machine is bigger than mine, which is why the cover looks all loose and too long!

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