Saturday, May 12, 2012

Apology and a Surprise

First up I'd like to apologise for the lack of a Keeping Chickens post on Friday. Life was rather hectic that day and I only remembered about posting way too late to write a post and too dark to take photos.

Hopefully this will appease the chicken folk... :)

Three weeks ago my perpetual broody decided to sit on 21 eggs. This was after I had told Paul not to leave eggs in the coop because I have a rooster the eggs are most likely fertile. Three or so days of not collecting the eggs and bam! My broody was broody again. I decided to let her hatch the eggs because I didn't know how long she'd be sitting and didn't really want to destroy eggs with partially developed chicks in them.

Well today, I went to release the rooster from his rooster box and saw this!

Out of the 21, 7 remain and one is already well on it's way to breaking out into the big wide world!


  1. Chicks hatching is an exciting time. I'll look forwards to the fluffy chick pics

    1. Unfortunately there will be no fluffy chick photos. :( I got one photo of the chick after it hatched, but the next morning the chick and the rest of the eggs were gone. I'm suspecting rats took them.