Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby led weaning

Time has flown so fast. Ember is now almost four months old. For the last two months she has intently watched us put food in our mouths, absolutely fascinated with the concept. I always wanted to do baby led weaning but I never thought I would be starting it this early!

Whilst we were on holiday in Barham/Koondrook (NSW/Vic), we ate at the local pub. I find it much easier to eat with Ember on my lap as she tends to whinge if left in her capsule. Normally she just sits and watches, but she decided it was time to get into what mummy and daddy were eating and grabbed my fork!

She knew what to do with it, albeit she almost poked her eye out in the process of trying to get it into her mouth. After removing the fork from her, she turned her attention to our food.  Out shot the hands, feeling and squishing it, then grabbing and dragging towards her mouth. Not that a lot made it in her mouth...most ended up on the floor! Thank goodness we were eating outside.

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