Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First Quilt

Some time in January, I dabbled with the idea of making a quilt. In usual fashion, I threw myself into making not one, but two quilts, shortly followed by plans for another two quilts! This was insane, especially with Ember and my all my menagerie.

Just shy of two months since I started, I have completed my first quilt! It's a scrap quilt, and each block is unique. There are 816 individual blocks within 48 big blocks plus 53 strips of sashing. It measures 182 x 172cm [72 x 68in] and will be used on the couch.

I learnt a lot from this first quilt. It's no where near perfect...there are puckers all through it from uneven blocking and not very good basting skills. I found the actual quilting fun but rather fiddly, particularly since my sewing area is not really big enough to quilt a large quilt! None of my quilting lines are none of my sashing borders ended up straight!

The binding would have probably been the part I enjoyed the most, which really surprised me. I made the binding using a bias binding maker [they are such a life and time saver!]. Normally I find any form of hand sewing extremely tedious, but I was able to do the hand binding even with a sleeping child on me whilst watching TV.

But no matter...nothing is ever perfect. We love it, and so does Ember!

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