Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet the Aruacanas

Out of my three hatched Lavender Araucanas, I ended up with two cockerels and one pullet.
Some of my flock, and Hannibal the Araucana

I kept one cockerel and the pullet, and the other cockerel met his demise as eagle food at my local wildlife refuge. He was crowing at 10 weeks the very annoying time of 5am!

There are eyes in there somewhere!
The cockeral, Hannibal-named after his obsession as a chick for attacking the other chicks toes and feet, has an awesome top knot. Amazingly he still has really good eye sight [particularly for human toes] with all those feathers in his eyes. 
Despite his name, he is really friendly...except to my toes!

The hen, doesn't have much of a top knot but has a good muff on her throat. I wanted to call her Pigeon, but my sister nabbed the name for her Araucana X first. I've named her Bathory, just to keep the murderer theme going here. She's no where near as friendly as Hannibal.
Such a pretty little thing.

Is it a trap? Showing how wary she is of me and my camera.

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