Thursday, March 29, 2012


Nothing beats a glass of ice cold orange juice on a warm day. Except of course a glass of ice cold freshly squeezed orange juice!

Last week I was at my grandmothers, as she looks after Ember while I am at Tafe. Now I spied an orange tree heavily laden with fruit on their neighbours property. I asked her what happens with the fruit on the tree and she told me that her neighbour said that she can take what she wants. It produces so much fruit that most of it normally just rots on the tree!

I really hate seeing fruit wasted like that. The oranges are beautifully sweet and juicy, so to me it's almost a crime to see it rot.

Today I went to my grandmother's again. We picked a washing basket full of them.

Our basket of goodies...with plenty more on the tree.

Most are quite small for oranges, some the size of your average lemon-no where near the size you see in the supermarket. Not very orange skinned either, more yellow than anything. It made me sad and slightly angry to know that all those oranges, if they were sent to a supermarket would probably be tossed for not being 'good enough'.

Ten oranges ready to be juiced

Cutting them open revealed very orange flesh which was full of juice which naturally made it's way over everything...including my white shirt. We were really surprised at how much juice we got from them. Ten oranges gave us 600mL of juice!

The juice from the above ten oranges.

After juicing 4L of juice I dropped a bag of oranges around to my friend's house in exchange for some winter tomato plants. I love being able to swap stuff with friends. :)

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