Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Gardening Long Weekend

This Easter weekend I have decided to dedicate to gardening and yard maintenance. Both of which really need to be done!! Garden beds to fence off from the destructo dogs, plants to plant, garden beds to build, fences put up/taken down, hard rubbish piles to scavenge through... I think I need more than a four day weekend!!

Planted out three zucchini and seven radish seedlings from my seedling raiser into the vege patch. Hopefully the dogs won't eat them or something...

My seedling raiser is a four foot fish tank that Paul [my partner] broke the lid of by resting his feet on it! I promptly stole it and moved it outside with its stand and filled it with seedling mix.

I was quite disappointed with the amount of seeds that grew, I have a sneaking suspicion the birds may have helped themselves to them. A few peas and beans are struggling through, a lone cucumber and one measly carrot seedling did evade attack. So its back to square one with the seeds. Replanted all the seeds I previously planted. I hope these seeds go better than the first batch I put in.

Although the one thing I am very proud of in my [lack of] garden, is my herb barrel. I picked up half a wine barrel as a give-away from the DogzOnline Forum [namely DOL] in February and decided to use it to grow herbs in it. It is absolutely thriving now! There is basil, coriander, mint, thyme and chives growing. There was some dill, but it didnt survive unfortunately. I do believe the coriander is about to bolt and the basil is trying to flower...time to dry some of it I think!

Just after I planted the herbs [Feb 22nd]

Now, less that 2 months after planting [April 11th]

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  1. hi ravyk. great looking herb pot! especially at this time of year. thanks for dropping by my blog and i look forwar to hearing about your garden growing adventures! welcome to the beginning!