Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dogs And Bones.

Every dog loves a bone and my two are no exception.

Me? I love feeding my dogs bones. They are a really good natural sound of food, vitamins, minerals and keeps the dogs teeth and breath clean. They make good boredom busters for the dogs too. And the really good thing about bones, they are cheap.

This bone however, I hate. I hate it so much I want to kill it. Burn it. Hang, draw and quarter it. Perform horrible Chinese torture on it. Anything to remove it from existence.

It was almost a very expensive bone. It nearly gave me a heart attack. It covered me with drool. It covered my clothes, my car, my bed and my floor with drool.

That drool came from this monster.

This monster is Spot. He is a two year old Cattle Dog X Dalmatian. Aptly named Spottus Botherus. For a very good reason. He revels in giving me heart attacks. He loves making my life one big fur covered, drool soaked nightmare.

Spot came inside earlier, crunching on something. I always check what he's crunching on because he loves to chomp on apricot stones. Apricot stones are poisonous for dogs because they contain cyanide. I open up is mouth and reach inside. I grab what seems to be a bone and tug. But it wasn't coming out. The bone was lodged on his back molar. I let go of him and he runs off. Thinking he'll just crunch down on it and break it up, dislodging himself, I don't worry.

Five minutes later he comes back. Cover in drool and looking at me forlornly. He was like "
mum, help me get this bone out". I have another look and go at removing the offending bone. No luck. By this stage he's in a bit of pain and drooling foot long guzzies out one side of his mouth. I ring Paul to say Spot needs to go to the vet. Bloody typical too. Day before payday. Ring grandmother and ask if I can borrow money for the vet bill. She says yes and comes around. Meanwhile Paul rang the vets, explained the situation and rang me back. The vet nurse had said if she could remove it, she wouldn't charge for it. That was good news.

So it was off to the vets with one dog freaking out and trying to dislodge a bone and another one trying to keep out his way and out the firing line of drool. Best part of the trip? When I was going around the big Flagstaff roundabout almost wearing a 22kg drooling panicking dog hat on my head!

Finally got there, covered in drool, got him inside. Got a bit suspicious at how excited he was to be there. Dismissed that. Gave Peggie to Nana to hold. Helped the vet nurse prise his mouth open. Big struggle ensued. Finally got his mouth open. Look inside.

Lo and Behold! No bone. Double check. Yup, no bone. Go to to car, look for said bone. Cant find it. Triple check. No bone at all. Come to the conclusion he'd probably dislodged it and proceeded to eat it again. Go back to car. Get dogs in car. Walk to drivers door. Notice a suspicious guzzie covered bone shape. Found said bone.

He'd managed to dislodge the bone when he jumped out the car and I hadn't noticed it on the ground as I tried putting leads on the two dogs.

Now I have a very content dog sleeping and furring up my couch at the same time. While I am still trying to soothe my almost exploded heart.

I think I need a drink. Or even better, some breakfast...

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