Monday, September 19, 2011

Incubation has Started!

Well the breeding season for poultry has started once again, and my incubator has been modified and warming up over the last week in anticipation of a new lot of eggs.

This year I modified my thermal air incubator into a fan forced one and hoping to get better results from it. Modification was relatively easy-it involved a 80mm computer fan, a 12V plug pack, some screws and patience!

This year I planned to add some variety and interest to both my laying flock and my eggs. So I selected my breeds based on their egg colour over anything, although there is one lot who both have an interesting feather colour and egg colour.

This weekend just past, saw me get 3 dozen eggs and set them over two days in my incubator.

The breeds I got are:
Lavender Araucanas-both for their looks and also their egg colour which is blue-green.
French Wheaton Marans-for their egg colour, which is dark dark brown.
Plymouth Rocks-mainly for my mum, but I may keep a hen if there is an extra one because they have wonderful plumage. They lay light brown eggs.

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