Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Absent Too Long

Wow! I have been absent for almost a year now! I can't believe my last post was when my chickens hatched. I only have 4 left now, 3 silver hens and a gold hen. They're all laying now, and I am looking into hatching some more now. I will do a post later with photos of the chicks as they grew up from cute balls of fluff to ugly teenagers to loud mouthed adults!

To be honest my gardening petered out over the winter, as I have been busy with my new Tafe course but now that spring has sprung, I am getting back into gear with everything.

Most of the seeds I want to plant have been sown into pots and are in one of my cracked fish tanks. This year I am growing:
-Snow Peas
-Telephone Peas
-Broad Beans
-Snake Beans
-Spring Onions [if I can! Never had any luck with them in the past]
-Pak Choi

And still to plant:
-Tomatoes [a few varieties]
-Sweet Corn

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I'm having the same problem right now. The chicks that didn't look as developed as the others? Did they hatch?

    Mine seem the same, just looks like too little chick, and too much leftover space in the egg!