Monday, October 18, 2010

Incubating Eggs!

Finally Paul has said I can get's only taken 18 months to convince him! I picked up my incubator on Friday and set it up to allow the temperature to stabilise. The eggs need a constant 37.7 degrees to hatch.

On Saturday, I took a lovely drive up to Hahndorf to meet the lady selling me 2 dozen fertile eggs. I also got the chance to meet the chickens who laid the eggs. Gorgeous birds!

I bought 9 Gold Laced Wyandotte eggs and 15 Silver Laced Wyandotte eggs [6 of which came from show quality birds] and let them sit for 24 hours before putting them into the incubator.

They went into the incubator around midday, after I labelled each egg with a number, date of lay and colour. So if all goes well, I’ll have fluffy baby chickens on the 6/7th of November.

In gardening news, my corn has yet again rotted. Time to buy new seeds I think.

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