My name is Rachel but better known by my online alias of Ravyk.

I am 22 and live in Adelaide, South Australia with my partner Paul and daughter Ember, as well as a menagerie of creatures which currently includes two dogs, a flock of ten chickens, a python, tropical fish and a blue yabby. I am a second year Vet Nursing student and Paul is an IT technician.

I am a self professed geek as is Paul but we both crave a simpler life. This blog is about my journey to try balancing my fast technology saturated life with the slower simpler things I enjoy, gardening, sewing, quilting and animal husbandry.

I grew up on a small hobby farm, surrounded by animals and plants. I played on the road, ate bugs and dirt, grew my own veggies, and didn't have a TV until I was 12. Some how I managed to survive my childhood quite well and now I am seeking a similar life for our family in the suburbs [except maybe the playing on the road].

At the moment we live in a two room unit on a 1/4 acre block which has loads of gardening potential. The chickens have run of the back yard decimating any bug or blade of grass that enters their domain and occasionally will wander into our bedroom if the door is open. Whilst the dogs take up residence one spare couches in the main house and commonly come out to bark at passer-bys including the postman. There is a 3 by 8 metre veggie patch out the front next to a plum tree I have to fight the lorikeets and wind for the fruit and plans for a wine barrel orchard by our unit.

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