Saturday, January 23, 2010

Broken Glass Jelly

A thread on the Dogz Online forum asking for help with gelatin seems to have led to a lot of people making Jelly, in this case Broken Glass Jelly. Basically all it is blocks of set jelly set into a gelatin and sweetened condensed milk mixture. Once set it is then cut into blocks.

I decided to do mine in a mould, but I took the jelly out too soon and it kind of went splat. But even though I served Paul up with a bowl of wobbly, multi coloured mess, he declared it delicious. I am going to try again once this lot is finished up, and try to get it looking a lot nicer and possibly actually staying in nice cut pieces.

Anyone who wants the recipe for the Broken Glass Jelly, head to here. Recipe It has step by step instructions with pictures, thanks to a member of the dogs forum.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Roadside Finds

I honestly love hard rubbish days. You can find some really amazing things that people chuck out. I've picked up little metal cabinets, 50 arrows for archery, solid wooden stools, basket balls...but my latest find would have to probably be the best find I've ever made.

They appear to be low dressers, with the fronts completely done in inlaid mother of pearl designs. I did have to fight with Paul to get him to let me bring them home, but I stand by my reasoning that he got the fridge...I get the dressers! They need a bit of fixing up though, but they will look awesome once finished. The detail in the doors is amazing!

Unfortunately though Paul hates them and won't let me keep them. *pouts* Which means I will sell them once I've restored them.

It's going to be interesting restoring these pieces...I've never really done this kind of work before. The mother of pearl is in reasonable condition which is excellent, except for the handles, where most of it is missing. Time to browse the op-shops for cheap knick-knacks with mother of pearl in them...