Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Eggs...Just In Time For Easter

My Marans and Araucanas are now 6 months old and are ready to stop free loading and start laying. On Friday [Good Friday] I found my first pullet egg laid by one of my Marans.

First Marans pullet egg with some of my Wyandotte eggs.

Followed very shortly on Saturday with a white pullet egg. I was unsure of who laid this egg, but narrowed it down to two possible suspects. My Araucana or my black crossbreed.

Clockwise from top: Marans pullet egg, mystery pullet egg, Silver laced Wyandotte egg, Gold laced Wyandotte egg.

This morning [Easter Sunday] I found four eggs in the coop, two of them being from my pullets. And excitingly one of them was green!

No I don't have an alien chicken! Araucana's lay eggs with shells have a green-blue tinged shell. I had a chat with a knowledgeable chicken friend and the white egg was most likely her egg as well as sometimes they start off laying very pale/white eggs.

Left to Right: Marans pullet eggs, Araucana pullet eggs, Gold laced Wyandotte eggs, Silver laced Wyandotte eggs, Gold [top]/Silver [bottom] laced Wyandotte eggs.

 So for Easter this year, instead of chocolate eggs, I got real eggs!


  1. Woohoo! By the way, I love your header/logo. :)

    1. Thanks :) I fiddled around most of the afternoon making it. Glad it turned out how I wanted it to.