Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Potatoes

A few months ago I planted some potatoes in some old tyres. I wasn't really expecting much from them, as I planted them at the end of normal potato harvesting season. But as the potatoes had sprouted and I didn't really want to waste them, I planted them anyway.

Tonight the three plants were dug up. I was expecting small, crappy sized potatoes...both due to the fact they weren't proper 'seed potatoes' and the wrong season for them...

I was very surprised when Paul walked in with just under 2kg of potatoes. Which I thought was quite decent since I only planted three to begin with. Many of them were nice eating sizes, with a few tiny-taters amongst the lot.

One had broken open because Paul dropped it. One thing I really love is the smell of fresh raw potato. Very odd I think. I love the fresh earthy smell they give, it reminds me of just before it rains and the ground smells like it has opened up to receive the cool wet rain.

I love potatoes. :)

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